Awaken LED Lighting - Txi Bay Lights


In the industrial lighting segment, the most popular lighting fixtures are the 250W and 400W Metal Halide lamps. The Txi High Bay, with its excellent lumen/watt performance, is particularly designed to offer the most cost 
effective LED solution to replace these existing Metal Halide fixtures.

Utilizes a Philips Lumileds LUXEON mid-power LED series.

Narrow beam angle version available for higher mounting applications.

Awaken LED Lighting - Wti Bay Lights

Wti bay lights

Replaces up to 700W Metal Halide or HPS high bays.
Ideal for warehouses, supermarkets, gas stations, etc.

Patented HDT technology 
Compressed Fins Technology
Die-cast aluminum fixture 
Large surface area for better heat dissipation
Protective powder coating for lasting appearance
Integrated thermal management system
Easy assembly, installation and maintenance
Effective heat dissipation with unique heat pipes (LED TJ< 78ºC)


Awaken LED Lighting - Tki Bay Light.jpg

Tki bay lights

Ideally suited as a direct replacement for any Metal Halide high bay.

One of the most efficient and cost effective LED High Bays on the market.

Unique lampshade designs greatly reduces hot-spots.

Easy installation and maintenance.

Unique patented thermal management design for greater heat dissipation.

No UV or Infrared radiation.

Awaken LED Lighting - Exi High Output

exiho PAR

Both ballast compatible and ballast bypass models are available.

Easily replace a 400w Metal Halide.

Simple and efficient design

No UV or IR radiation

Mercury-free construction

Uniform illumination light profile

E39 or EX39 mogul screwshell base

Vertical lamp orientation


Uxi2 High Bay

These high-lumens-per-dollar LED Bay Light fixtures feature a low profile design and low cost of operation.

High energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescent and HID fixtures with wide light distribution, excellent fixture-to-fixture spacing and crossover for shadow free results.

High efficacies up to 103 lm/W across the Uxi series.

Dimming, multi-level switching, occupancy and daylight sensors are available.


Lxi High Bay Lights

Ideally suited as a direct replacement for HID parking and area lights.

Best-In-Class energy efficient design, minimizes light pollution.
Efficient thermal management provides extremely long LED lifetime.

Hot Swappable modular design for easy maintenance and self-cleaning.

Engineered optics ensures even illumination without hot-spots or glare.

Bright light coverage eliminates shadows, emulating daylight to enhance safety. 

Wdi Bay Light.jpg

Wdi Bay Light

For use in demanding environments that require watertight seals including food/beverage processing, cold storage, warehouses, garden centers, and industrial facilities. Engineered with the latest energy efficient LED technology, each fixture includes an injection molded fiberglass body with a sturdy lens to  withstand environments where extreme dust and moisture are factors.

Up to 100 Lm/W best-in-class energy efficient design.

Efficient thermal management provides extremely long LED lifetime.

Awaken LED Lighting - HLI Bay Light

HLI Bay Light

Replaces up to 700W Pulse start Metal Halide with 240W.

For use in warehouses, retail stores, steel mills, gas stations, indoor stadiums, factories, 
mechanical or electronic processing workshops, etc.

Occupancy and bi-level power supply compatible.

High luminous efficiency and long life.

No UV or infrared radiation.

Unique aluminium heatsink greatly reduces heat and increases lifetime.