Awaken LED Lighting Bxi Ballast Compatible LED Linear Tubes

About the Fyx LED Linear Tubes

Designed for new construction or retrofitting of existing fluorescent tubes. Ideal for offices, retail stores, classrooms, hospitals and clinics.
Smooth, ‘natural’, even light distribution. • Frequent on/off switching does not affect lifetime.
Environmentally friendly replacement for fluorescent tubes.
Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials.
Produces no harmful UV or Infrared radiation.
Polyacrylic lens - no glass.
Powered at both ends.
LEDs are mounted on an aluminum board for better heat dissipation. Uniquely designed to dissipate heat  along the entire length of the tube. Effective thermal design ensures maximum cooling within the tube for     long lifetime, efficacy, and color consistency.
Proprietary optical design utilizes a unique internal reflector and lens   design to achieve uniform light distribution, high efficacy, and minimal glare.