About the Lxm Meat Tubes

The ‘Best Butcher Light’

Awaken’s tube uniquely emits the exact same light spectrum as the traditional 3000k fluorescent tube used by better meat depts. and butchers. Finally, a tube where each R1-R9 of the spectrum is individually matched, to ensure meat, pork and poultry look their best under the light, and last longer without any harmful UV.

50% Longer Lifetime Than Other LED Tubes

Unlike typical LED tubes with a 50,000 hour ‘L70’ lifetime. Awaken  LED tubes have a L70 of 75,000 hour. This extends their lifetime a  further five years beyond other LED tubes, based on 15 hours of use  daily, providing additional savings and cash flow benefits.

Eliminate Up To 100% Of The Ballast Wattage

Awaken’s ballast compatible tubes have a unique Ballast Factor Offset  (BFO) that reduces the ballast’s power consumption by up to 100%. Other tubes consume at least 3w per tube from the ballast when the tube is installed. This saves 3w, which translates to $1.65 additional savings per tube, every year (based on $0.10/kWh, 15 hrs./day).

Awaken LED Lighting Lxm Meat Tubes

Save 20% More Wattage Compared To Other LED Tubes

Awaken’s 160 lm/w LED linear tubes save 20% more energy than other LED tubes, that typically offer 133 lm/w. As a result, only 10w instead of 12w is required to achieve the same 1600 lm. This saves 2w, which translates to $1.10 additional savings per tube, every year (based on $0.10/kWh, 15 hrs./day). 

No Rewiring Required When Ballast Removed

Awaken’s ballast compatible tubes are uniquely powered at both ends, in both “A” (ballast) and “B” (direct AC) modes. This eliminates the rewiring of the fixture otherwise required when the ballast is removed, which significantly reduces the electrical labor cost.