Lxn Linear LED Tubes

About the Lxn LED Tubes

Ideal for long operating hours, including 24/7.
Designed for new construction or retrofitting of existing fluorescent tubes. Ideal for offices, retail stores, classrooms, hospitals and clinics.

World’s hardest plastic nano-compisite material lens (400% harder than PC).
Doesn’t bend or sag after years of usage like traditional LED PC tubes.
Reduces harshness and glare of light without reducing lumen output.
Super thin lens and high thermal conductivity negates the need for a heatsink.
Low heat levels for significantly reduced LED failure and depreciation rate.



A direct replacement lamp, requiring no re-wiring of the light fixture.
Can also be used without the ballast (direct wire).
Smooth, ‘natural’, and increased soft light distribution (92% efficiency).
360º nano structure allows tube to run much cooler than aluminum tubes.
Frequent on/off switching does not affect lifetime.
Instant ON operation.
Environmentally friendly replacement for fluorescent tubes.
Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials.
Produces no harmful UV or Infrared radiation.


Created by reinforcing ordinary plastic with diamonds.
Polymer reinforced with nano materials (less than the width of strand of hair).
Doesn’t yellow or become brittle over time (<1% difference over lifetime).
Extreme light weight; the reinforced material represents only 1% of the weight.
LEDs are mounted on a one piece aluminum board for better heat dissipation.
nd caps: Fixed Bi-Pin