Lxn Linear Nano Tubes

Lxn Nano Tubes

World’s hardest plastic nano-compisite material lens (400% harder than PC).
Doesn’t bend or sag after years of usage like traditional LED PC tubes.
Reduces harshness and glare of light without reducing lumen output.
Super thin lens and high thermal conductivity negates the need for a heatsink.
Low heat levels for significantly reduced LED failure and depreciation rate.
Doesn’t yellow or become brittle over time (<1% difference over lifetime).

Awaken LED Lighting - Lx Series Linear Tubes.png

Lx Series Tubes

Awaken’s 160 lm/w LED linear tubes save 20% more energy than other LED tubes, that typically offer 133 lm/w. As a result, only 10w instead of 12w is required to achieve the same 1600 lm. This saves 2w, which translates to $1.10 additional savings per tube, every year (based on $0.10/kWh, 15 hrs./day).

With a L70 of 75,000 hour, extending their lifetime a further five years beyond other LED tubes, based on 15 hours of use daily, providing additional savings and cash flow benefits.

Xtc LED Tubes

Xtc High CRI Tubes

Designed for new construction or retrofitting of existing fluorescent tubes.
Ultra High CRI of 95 is ideally suited for retail stores and paint and finishing processes. 
Environmentally friendly replacement for fluorescent T8 tube lamps.
Two rows of 144 LEDs to ensure even light distribution without any hotspots.
Frequent on/off switching does not affect life.
Damp rated for sign applications.

Awaken LED Lighting - Linear Tubes - External Ballast - Fyx LED Tubes.jpg

Fyx Linear Tubes

LEDs are mounted on an aluminum board for better heat dissipation.
Effective thermal design ensures maximum cooling within the tube for long lifetime, efficacy, and color consistency.
Proprietary optical design utilizes a unique internal reflector and lens  design to achieve uniform light distribution, high efficacy, and minimal glare.

Kxi LED Tubes

Kxi LED Tubes

Designed for new construction or retrofitting of existing fluorescent tubes. 
Ideal for offices, retail stores, classrooms, hospitals, clinics and hospitality.

Single row of SMD LEDs ensure a smooth, ‘natural’, even light distribution.
Frequent on/off switching does not affect lifetime.

Bxi LED Tubes

Lxm Meat Tubes

The Lxm Meat tube uniquely emits the exact same light spectrum as the traditional 3000k fluorescent tube used by better meat departments and butchers.

Finally, a tube where each R1-R9 of the spectrum is individually matched, to ensure meat, pork and poultry look their best under the light, and last longer without any harmful UV.