Planet Awaken LED Lighting - Txi2 Bay Light-.jpg

Txi2 Bay Lights

The most cost effective LED solution to replace existing Metal Halide fixtures up to 600W.

Narrow beam angle version available for higher mounting applications with a nano coated reflector to significantly reduce glare that is typical with standard narrow beam angle replacements.

Awaken LED Lighting - Fyx High Bay.jpg

Fyx High Bay

DLC Premium listed Linear High Bay will yield the highest utility rebates.

Efficacy up to 139 lm/w.

100,000 hours lifespan.

Standard Model IP65 for damp applications. 

Awaken LED Lighting - Hlc Washdown Bay Light - NSF.png

Hlc Bay Light

This HiBay is NSF Splash Zone listed, specially designed for food processing and production, where sanitation, safety, maintenance and energy conservation are key concerns.

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional weatherproof fluorescent enclosures.  

Planet Awaken LED - High Bay Light.png

Lxb Bay Light

Each high bay has either 4, 6 or 8 160 lm/w LED linear tubes to save 20% more energy than other LED tubes, that typically offer 133 lm/w. As a result, only 10w instead of 12w is required to achieve the same 1600 lm. This saves 2w, which translates to $1.10 additional savings per tube, every year (based on $0.10/kWh, 15 hrs./day).