Awaken Qx8 LED Car Dealer Lighting

Awaken LED Lighting Car Dealership Showroom Lighting


Let your outdoors become a showroom

Let your showroom beckon and entice

When looking at the factors that ultimately lead consumers to buy a vehicle, the biggest positive influence on a car buyer’s decision is the dealership visit, according to a recent study from Foresight Research.

In fact, more than half of vehicle purchasers indicated that their experience at the dealership was “highly influential in the purchase process.” No other factor – including the Internet – had a greater impact on car buyers’ decisions, officials noted.

Many buyers visit the dealer early in the shopping process, so auto dealers have a big opportunity to win new customers by offering attractive dealership environments,” Foresight Research points out.

For instance, about two-thirds (67 percent) of buyers cited an “inviting, modern and well-organized showroom” as being pivotal in their decision.

Awaken LED lighting makes the entire showroom ‘pop’, appearing very bright and ‘clean’, with high color accuracy of every car’s color.