Shell Gas Station; Thornton, CO

This Shell station is located in a suburb of Denver, CO, less than 10 miles from downtown.

Awaken replaced the Metal Halide parking lot lights, the canopy lights at the gas pumps, and all of the T8 fluorescent linear tubes in the food mart store. The result was a nighttime increase in business, as motorists passing by were drawn to the crisp, bright, clean light. And the store’s interior beckoned a growth in sales, as the dull and drab look of traditional lighting was eliminated.

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging

For decades, SDMI has been breaking new ground in the medical imaging industry.
In 1958, Dr. Leon Steinberg came to Las Vegas to help Sunrise Hospital build the first radiology center in Southern Nevada. Through his experience in the hospital setting, he saw a need for a more patient-friendly option for medical imaging and so struck out to build such a practice.
With his son, “Dr. David,” as his partner, Dr. Leon, opened the first SDMI office in 1988. Their standards of excellence, in patient care and in technology, have brought national and international recognition from the medical imaging and health care community.

Tribologik; Chicago, IL

The Tribologik oil analysis laboratory takes oil analysis and condition monitoring to its highest level of reliability.

Tribologik automatically provides a diagnostic on the condition of the oil and of the equipment, makes maintenance recommendations and discloses the logic behind these recommendations in order to predict the maintenance that your equipment will need through a regular scheduled oil testing program.

Awaken Mxi Downlights 

United Franchise Group; West Palm Beach, FL

The United Franchise Group consists of a number of award-winning business-to-business brands and franchise development services including some of the world’s largest industry-leading names. The experts at UFG have used their over 30 years of franchising experience to grow the franchising giant into a $500 million dollar success story with more than 1400 franchise locations in over 65 countries.