About the Dyb Daisy Chain Tubes

New T6 form factor - designed to fit under or behind retail shelving.

V-Shaped LED board with 180º beam angle, distributes light evenly throughout the entire width and depth of each shelf from top to bottom.

Daisy chain up to 25 tubes with quick release IP67 connectors at each end.

Isolated internal driver for maximum reliability.

Zero width end caps allow for installation between existing tombstones.

Awaken LED Lighting -Daisy Chain Tube.png

Daisy Chain Up To 25 Tubes

Quick release IP67 connectors with flexible 1ft. whip at each end makes it easy to daisy chain up to 25 tubes. Rubberized wire protects against cracking, to install around existing tombstones. 

Fail-Safe Operation

Should one tube fail along the chain, the others will continue working. A quick disconnect at either end allows for replacement in seconds.


IP67 waterproof quick release connectors eliminate manipulating, and fumbling with wires. IP67 body allows for high pressure wash down.

Our Best Driver

All components are designed for 24/7 operation. Our unique isolated internal driver provides maximum reliability, as well as complete dirty power noise and 2kV surge protection.

No More Scanner Interference

Total harmonic distortion of -10 EMC is available, to eliminate scanner interference, for trouble-free stocking, and product checks.

No More Shadows Or Dark Spots

V-Shaped LED board provides 180º beam angle to distribute light evenly throughout the entire shelf width, depth, and height.

Available With TrueColor and FloLED

Our TrueColorTM and FloLED LEDs are available in order to bring out exactly the right colors that you want to appear in your products, and none of the ones that you don’t.

50% Longer Lifetime Than Other LED Tubes

Unlike typical LED tubes with a 50,000 hour ‘L70’ lifetime. Awaken  LED tubes have a L70 of 75,000 hours. This extends their lifetime a  further five years beyond other LED tubes, based on 15 hours of use  daily, providing additional savings and cash flow benefits.