Awaken LED Lighting - Dairy Farms 2

Awaken LED Lighting - Dairy Farms 3-1

Awaken LED Lighting - Dairy Farms 1-1

Clear, Crisp Light

The clear, crisp white light of LEDs enables workers to see colors properly; more easily spot injuries, the color and quality of milk strippings, the cleanliness of cows’ teats, as well as helping to identify the cows by their ear tags more easily. Signs of disease can be detected at an earlier stage and other animal welfare issues more readily come to light. Inspecting equipment for proper cleanliness is easier under bright and uniform white light, thereby maintaining a lower bacteria count and higher quality milk.

LEDs Were Made For Dairy Farms

Independent research on the effects of lighting on dairy cattle shows that the correct light intensity and duration have a very positive effect on the health, fertility, welfare and productivity of dairy cattle

Uniform Light Improves Feeding

Focusing the light on feeding troughs encourages cows to feed. With less harsh light, that does not flicker, the cows can relax in other areas. 

Blue Light Suppresses Melatonin and Further Increases Milk Production

LED light is actually blue light overlaid with yellow phosphor to create ‘white’ light. Blue LED light significantly suppresses melatonin secretion, whereas fluorescent lights do not. Studies have shown that LEDs will increase milk production by an additional 6% over other types of lighting.