Eliminate all the risks and costs of owning “Green Energy” projects without any debt or capital expenditure. 


What Is Energy Independence as A ServiceTM (EiaaS)?

EiaaS provides access to all the energy saving and cost reduction benefits of “Green Energy” projects for a monthly fee, including all maintenance, eliminating the risks, investments and cash flow issues of ownership.

One Monthly Cost

A single monthly operating expense payment covers all the costs, including installation, repairs, ongoing service and monitoring, without any upfront cost. At the end of the term (typically five years), the project can be bought for $1.

Enjoy Savings From Day One

Net savings start day one, equal to the energy and maintenance savings less the EiaaS fee. Also, you can expect tax benefits from writing off the monthly EiaaS fee; for additional profit from day one.

No Debt. No CAPEX. No Cost.

EiaaS provides maintenance-free, trouble-free, cost-free Green Energy projects, without debt or CapEx. This off book financing, pure-profit service eliminates the need to revise budgets or banking arrangements.


Purchase Order Financing

Awaken’s financial partner will provide a non-cancellable Letter of Credit to our factory for the entire amount of the product. This Letter of Credit has very few conditions - the most important being our pre shipment report.

30 Day Terms

Awaken’s financial partner covers the seamless transition from Purchase Order Financing through to Accounts Receivable Financing. Typically, 30 day terms are offered, becoming due immediately upon arrival of the product at your location or staging area, with interest accruing monthly after that date.

No Deposit

Awaken’s financial partner covers all supplier deposits, up to 50% of the project, with progress payments available in certain circumstances.


Please provide a “blind” copy of your Purchase order, for our financial partner to review, to determine the alignment of your terms and conditions with their risk management.