The next step in airfield lighting. Ultra low profile range of LEDs offer technology never before seen in the airfield lighting industry, including Dynamic Light Output (DLO).  By actively monitoring the actual light output, all LumiAir's are designed to maintain 100% of the required light output at all times.  Over time, the active monitoring circuit continually compensates to achieve this level which guarantees an even light output across the airfield regardless of the age of the luminaire.


LumiAir 861

Elevated edge LED lighting.

• Light Aluminium construction.
• Variable riser height 14" to 30".
• Smooth LED blue glass dome.
• Brilliancy setting 100% down to 0.1%.
• Universal frangible coupling.
• Low watt LED source, 1W at 6.6Amps.
• Long service life at a minimum of 60,000 hours.

LumiProach Percision-1.jpg

LumiProach Precision Series

Patented LED optics achieve lowest power consumption, highest intensity, and sharpest red-white transition definition to provide critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot. Solar power kit ensures uninterrupted service. Proven reliability in worldwide use with nearly no maintenance. Permanent frangible or temporary mounting legs. Exceeds ICAO standards.

LumiProach 400 Series

LumiProach 400 Series

Identifies acquisition of runway end and active runway Simple Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) system or CompleteOmni Directional Approach Lighting System (ODAL) for runwayalignment and runway threshold marking

Flashhead and power converter can be mounted together to form a single unit or separately to adapt to specific terrain needs.

LumiGuard / ATI 311L

Designed with the customer in mind, the LumiGuard is more robust and easier to install than ever before. New features and options create the most versatile lighting system on the market today.

The ATI 311L is an FAA L865/L864 system that includes a white xenon strobe for day, a red LED light for night and (3) LED markers to create an FAA tower type E1 or E2 dual for structures  between 200’ and 500’ AGL.

LumiWay Sign

LumiWay Signs

A well proven design has been developed further by Awaken to improve reliability and maintainability whilst helping to reduce overall life cycle energy costs.  

The life expectancy of a LumiWay LED Sign typically exceeds 75,000 hours and, coupled with the multi-redundant LED configuration, will maintain compliant sign performance in the event of individual LED failure.

Planet Awaken LED Lighting - Txi2 Bay Light-.jpg

Txi2 Bay Lights

The most cost effective LED solution to replace existing Metal Halide fixtures up to 600W.

Narrow beam angle version available for higher mounting applications with a nano coated reflector to significantly reduce glare that is typical with standard narrow beam angle replacements.

Awaken LED Lighting - Fyx High Bay.jpg

Fyx High Bay

DLC Premium listed Linear High Bay will yield the highest utility rebates.

Efficacy up to 139 lm/w.

100,000 hours lifespan.

Standard Model IP65 for damp applications. 

Awaken LED Lighting - Hlc Washdown Bay Light - NSF.png

Hlc Bay Light

This HiBay is NSF Splash Zone listed, specially designed for food processing and production, where sanitation, safety, maintenance and energy conservation are key concerns.

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional weatherproof fluorescent enclosures.  

Planet Awaken LED - High Bay Light.png

Lxb Bay Light

Each high bay has either 4, 6 or 8 160 lm/w LED linear tubes to save 25% more energy than other LED tubes, that typically offer 130 lm/w. As an example, our 4’ 12w tubes use 3w less than other LED tubes for the same 2000lm, which at $0.125/kWh and 18 hr/day, will increase savings by $3,000/year for every 1,000 tubes.

Awaken LED Lighting - Hxi Canopy Light - Gas Stations

Hxi Canopy Light

Replace up to 250w Pulse start Metal Halide.
No mercury or UV.
Open air ventilation and aluminium heat sink for excellent heat dissipation.
Recessed or pipe mounting available.
Occupancy and bi-level power supply compatible.
LED Driver: IP65/ Constant current meets UL1310 UL 48 Class 1.

Mxi Residential LED Downlight

Mxi Residential Downlight

Ideal for homes, retail space, offices, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, etc.
Compatible with existing recessed mountings.
Fully dimmable. 
Compatible with most dimmers.
Comfortable diffused light.
UL approved for dry and damp locations.

Kxi Commercial LED DownLight.jpg

Kxi Commercial Downlight

• 4” model replaces for incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with apertures of 4.1" 4.7" max diameter. 
• 6” model replaces incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with apertures of 6.1" 6.7" max diameter.
• 8” model replaces incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with apertures of  7.72” min. to 8.26" max diameter.
• 10” model replaces incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with apertures of 10.1" 10.7" max diameter.

Awaken LED Lighting - Etx20 Flood

Etx20 Flood

For 10-20w applications.
Up to 1800 lumens.

Patented heat dissipation design.

Advanced quadratic light distribution design results in uniform, clear light.

Awaken LED Lighting - Etx50 Flood


ETX50 Flood

For 30-50w applications.
Up to 4250 lumens.

Patented heat dissipation design.

Flameproof, dust-proof, and waterproof.

No lead or mercury.

Awaken LED Lighting - Etx125 Flood

ETX125 Flood

For 60-125w applications.
Up to 10000 lumens.

Patented heat dissipation design.

Consumes up to 80% less power compared to HPS or mercury based lamps, and saves up to 75% compared traditional lamps.

Tki Floodling

Tki Floodlight

Ideal for indoor and outdoor stadiums, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, parks, open fields, public areas, high-mounted lighting, etc.
Unique patented thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature for long life. 
Extremely light weight for safe use and installation. Ultra high power to provide ultra high brightness. Easy installation and maintenance. Rust and dirt proof.
Extra long lifetime with high lumen maintenance. 
No UV and IR radiation, emits low heat. High strength tempered glass.
Anti-aging silicon rubber. Can be arm, canopy, wall, ceiling, or pole mounted.

Exi Stadium Light

Exi Stadium Light

World-class lighting for your professional sporting venue — provide an incomparable experience for your team and fans whether they’re at the game or watching from home. Bring the dynamics of the game to life with consistent and precisely delivered light that meets the stringent demands of international HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording. With optimal designed-in control for both wired and wireless systems, we give you the power to use lighting as entertainment with complete flexibility to meet the different lighting needs for any professional sport. Get the Awaken solution that will give teams, players and legions of their fans an all-around exceptional event experience.

Hxi LED Garage Light

Hxi Garage Light

Ideal for indoor garages, warehouses, canopies, staircases, etc.
Sealed with silicon rubber gasket to protect against dirt and bugs.
Anti-UV, shatterproof polycarbonate cover.
High efficient reflector and diffuser.
Unique optics for even, non-glare light distribution and ‘soft’, easy on the eye light, without double shadows.

Gri LED Garage Light

Gri Garage Light

Sealed with silicon rubber gasket to protect against dirt and bugs.
Unique lightweight, highly efficient heatsink.
High thermal conductive material.
High efficient reflector and diffuser.
Unique optics for even, non-glare light distribution and ‘soft’, easy on the eyes light, without double shadows.


Gxi Corn Cob Light

Ideal for post top lanterns, recessed high hat fixtures, high bay lamps, etc.
Installation in sealed fixtures that trap all heat will reduce LED life.

Awaken LED Lighting - Lxc Linear Tubes

Lxd Hybrid

Unique Ballast Factor Offset eliminates up to 100% of the fixture’s ballast wattage.

Choose Powered Both Sides to eliminate tombstone rewiring when ballast is removed; with UL certified Current Leakage Protection that eliminates the risk of electric shock during installation.

Save 50% more energy than 130 lm/w LED tubes.

Awaken LED Lighting - Lxh Hybrid Tube.JPG

Lxh Hybrid

Our best value hybrid tube.

Available with 130 lm/w, 160 lm/w, and 175 lm/w.

Can be used with or without the ballast.

Direct AC tube works with both single and double ended wiring.

Eliminate tombstone rewiring when ballast is removed.

Awaken LED Lighting - MTC Meat Tubes

FloLED Meat

Any item under this light will appear virtually the same as under fluorescent light.

Matches the color spectrum of fluorescent light, while greatly increasing the CRI and CQS.

Produces light that can also uniquely penetrate the modified air, thick polyethylene typically used to package pork products - removing unwanted blues and purples.

TrueColor High CRI LED Tubes


Proprietary LED with specialized phosphor and customized dye result in an extremely high CRI of 98+ and CQS of 96+.

Reveals the natural, highly saturated colors of fruits, vegetables, beef, poultry, pork, and fish.

Ideal for all fruits, vegetables, and meat, including beef, pork and poultry.

Awaken LED Lighting - Lxb Direct AC Everywhere Tube-1.jpg

Lxb Direct AC

Components designed for 24/7 operation.

For use with direct line voltage, without a ballast.

Powered Both Sides is AC line voltage friendly: when one end is installed and connected to power, it doesn’t send power to the other end until it is also connected to power; this prevents electric shock from current leakage and socket to lamp pin arcing.

Save 25% more energy than 130 lm/w LED tubes.

Awaken LED Lighting - DRB Glass Door Refrigeration LED.png

Drb Glass Door

New T6 form factor - designed for vertical mount behind glass doors.

V-Shaped LED board with 180º beam angle, distributes light evenly throughout the entire width and depth of each shelf from top to bottom.

Vibration resistant locking metal clamp attaches to door frame with strong self adhesive or screw.

Clear or frosted shatterproof IP67 polyacrylic cylinder- no glass.

Awaken LED Lighting - DYB Daisy Chain Tubes.png

Dyb Daisy Chain

New T6 form factor - designed to fit under or behind retail shelving.

V-Shaped LED board with 180º beam angle, distributes light evenly throughout the entire width and depth of each shelf from top to bottom.

Daisy chain up to 25 tubes with quick release IP67 connectors at each end.

Isolated internal driver for maximum reliability.

Zero width end caps allow for installation between existing tombstones.

Kxi LED Panel Light

Kxi Panel Light

Active color management maintains superior color consistency over time.
No harmful UV or Infared light.
Unique heat dissipation providing significant boosts to lifetime, efficacy, and color consistency.
Thin form factor; thickness is less than half an inch.
Proprietary optical system utilizes a unique combination of reflective and
refractive optical components to achieve a uniform, and clean appearance.

Awaken LED Lighting - Fyx Parking and Roadway Light.png

Flx Parking Lot Light

This lamp is a direct replacement for any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp, in any parking lot. The fixture is available with  60w - 300w @ 142 lm/w.

The lamp is specially designed to run the LEDs at a cool temperature, and dissipate the heat well, with extra efficient thermal  management. 

Awaken LED - Qx9 Area Light

QX9 Area and Parking Lot Light

1000W, 2000W traditional lighting replacement!

Adjustable pole mounted area light or floodlight designed to achieve super high lumen output, high illumination level with precision optic lenses and light distribution.

IP67 ingress protection, truly weather proof, and impact resistant


Qx8Ho Area and Parking Lot Light

Introducing a NEW HIGH OUTPUT version of our previous and already highly advanced Qx8.

Best-In-Class energy efficient design, minimizes light pollution.


Rx2 Roadway Light

Ideal as a cost-effective roadway and area light for developing countries.

Slim and light design with fewer components and electronic circuit optimization, ensures minimal failure rates.
Integrated surge protection.

No external driver ensures no electronic interference and easier installation.


Lumi1 Solar Roadway Light

The Lumi1 Solar Roadway Light harnesses the energy from the sun. Alongside its high efficiency solar panels, LED's, and Lithium battery, it features a micro-controller, and a human infrared sensor within an integrated design to achieve multiple advantages such as low power consumption with high brightness, long lifespan, excellent thermal dissipation and is weatherproof and maintenance free.


Lumi2 Solar Roadway Light

The unique design of the Lumi2 LED Solar Roadway Light delivers a long lifespan with minimal maintenance and provides a complete solution for off-grid or remote applications.

IP65 rated components ensure endurance against harsh weather and keep Lumi2 solar lights free from corrosion and premature failure. 


Lumi4 Solar Roadway Light

Built specifically to easily adapt to a range of applications. The Lumi4 series is the world’s most
advanced and intelligent LED solar lighting system. Its clever design and attractive, robust construction incorporates the latest solar power technology, providing many years of outstanding performance and operational reliability.

Awaken LED Lighting - Lfp Soloar Street Light Solution

LFP Solar Street Light

Innovative solutions allow customization of each system to meet the exact needs of different geographic locations and lighting requirements.

Tamper proof hardware.

Tapered aluminum poles.

Completely Off-Grid system.


About the Hxi LED Tunnel Light

Replaces up to 400 Watt Metal Halide.
Mercury and UV free.
Modular design.
4KV surge protection contained within the power supply.
Occupancy and bi-level power supply compatible.
Constant current meets UL1310 UL 48 Class 1
Environmentally friendly polyester powder coating.
Slip fitter, TM trunnion and 6" Extrusion mounting brackets are optional.


Hxi Wallpack

Full cut-off light distribution ensures no upward light.
High wattage version is tiltable. 
Direct replacement for HID Wallpack.
Rust and corrosion proof, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum one piece housing, with a polyester powder coat. 

Lxi WallPack

High efficiency reflector and diffuser.
Removable shield for maintenance.
‘Soft’ easy on the eyes, non-glare light, with no double shadow.
Dimmable driver from 1%- 30%. 
The 90W fixture can be adjusted to 75W which results in a only 5% lumen loss!

Awaken LED Lighting - Hlc WallPack.png

Hlc WallPack

This lamp is a direct replacement for any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp, currently mounted on any wall. The fixture is available with 30w, 50w, 70w, 80w and 100w @ 125 lm/w, to replace any existing MH or HPS wall pack.