About the Lxb Linear Tubes

For use without a ballast.

P2S suitable for Shunted tombstones, includes UL required Current Leakage Protection.

Extra long life due to low operating temperature of all components and best quality capacitor.

FT and 8FT include center clip for stability.

2kV surge protection and complete dirty power noise protection

Awaken LED Lighting - Lxb Linear Tubes-1.jpg

50% Longer Lifetime Than Other LED Tubes

Unlike typical LED tubes with a 50,000 hour ‘L70’ lifetime. Awaken  LED tubes have a L70 of 75,000 hour. This extends their lifetime a  further five years beyond other LED tubes, based on 15 hours of use  daily, providing additional savings and cash flow benefits.

No Rewiring Required When Ballast Removed

Awaken’s ballast compatible tubes are uniquely powered at both ends, in both “A” (ballast) and “B” (direct AC) modes. This eliminates the rewiring of the fixture otherwise required when the ballast is removed, which significantly reduces the electrical labor cost.

Save 20% More Wattage Compared To Other LED Tubes

Awaken’s 160 lm/w LED linear tubes save 20% more energy than other LED tubes, that typically offer 133 lm/w. As a result, only 10w instead of 12w is required to achieve the same 1600 lm. This saves 2w, which translates to $1.10 additional savings per tube, every year (based on $0.10/kWh, 15 hrs./day).

Dimming Available For Daylight Harvesting

Optional 0-10v dimming is available to reduce light levels and power  consumption when ample ambient lighting is available from either  windows or skylights. Dimming a 10w tube by 25% for four hours  every day would significantly increase savings by $3.50 every year,  and extend the lifetime, at 15 hrs. daily use and $0.10/kWh.