Qx8 LED Parking Lot Light 2.jpeg

The Qx8 and Qx8Ho will light up your outdoors like you’ve never seen before. 

Awaken’s Qx8 and Qx8Ho provide an ultra bright, higher contrast, more color accurate, clear, and crisp white light with perfect light distribution eliminating any previous dark spots. This transforms your outdoor area into a showcase, as well as a safer and better looking area. 

After extensive testing, Awaken’s entire Qx8 and Qx8Ho range has been calculated, according to Dept. Of Energy guidelines, to last 290,000 hours, at which point 70% of the initial light output will still remain. That’s 67 years at 12 hours a day, every day. You’ll never have to change a light bulb or ballast again, because there are none.

The Qx8 and Qx8Ho’s unique modular design allows for quick and easy in the field repair or replacement. In addition, should an individual LED fail, the other LEDs within the module are designed to brighten up to compensate and maintain the fixtures light output. Should a module require replacement, it is hot swappable, eliminating the need to remove the entire fixture.

For ultimate assurance, the LumiPath Qx8 and Qx8Ho are available with a lifetime, third party warranty, which including the cost of installation.