Awaken constantly strives to stand out from the crowd with its ‘best in class’ LED products that leapfrog the market and out-shine any otherwise comparable product.

Beware of the LED you compare to Awaken.

Many LED product factories are actually 'screw driver' companies - equipped with no more than tables and chairs, and unskilled staff with minimal or no quality control, great for low tech items, but totally inadequate to produce a LED lamp or luminaire to last 10 to 15 years, let alone meet Energy Star's exacting standards.

Although well intentioned, a typical 'Screw Driver' LED factory's investment is limited to tables and chairs, rudimentary testing equipment and unskilled migrant staff, equipped with no more than a screw driver and basic parts.

Awaken is dedicated to countering the notion that "the most prevalent problem (with LEDs) is with inflated and misleading equivalency claims by manufacturers." - The U.S.A. Dept. 0f Energy

Our Certification Team ensures our compliance with guidelines.

Due to the original 'wild west' mentality that incubated the first LED lamps (light bulbs) and luminaires (fixtures), the US Dept. of Energy has recently set rigorous standards by which LED products must be tested in order for their manufacturers to claim that they are equivalent to a specific traditional lamp.

The LED world is a fast paced one - with technology, consumer demands, consumer awareness, regulatory guidelines and government regulations changing daily.

Being up to date with each of the appropriate certifications and regulatory guidelines requires full time attention to everything that is published or presented in the media, the publications, the seminars and the internet.

Awaken strives to meet or beat any recognized standard; any proposed, projected or unpublished standards as well as the typical specifications of product not yet regulated.

Awaken tracks and investigates all current research and trends of LED lighting. Awaken has participated in all major LED seminars, conferences and workshops (IES and DOE).

Awaken has analyzed and applied all relevant standards and certification requirements and performed detailed comparisons of all competitive product on the market.

Awaken visits and evaluates many LED lighting factories, to keep abreast of the competition, and to ensure its partner suppliers are up to date and continuously improving to be better than all others.

We test every LED batch and ever LED product we produce.

We test our suppliers’ LEDs and our every LED product produced for a number of strict quality parameters, including lumen light output, temperature, lifetime aging, beam, photo metrics, etc.

We test every product from the original component parts through post production 48 hour aging to ensure exceptional quality.

Every batch of LEDs received from our world-class suppliers is statistically sampled and tested for a number of quality parameters, including lumen light output, junction temperature, lifetime aging, beam, photometrics, etc.

Every product we produce is tested for 28 key metrics before leaving the production line, and again after being taken automatically to a separate facility for 48 hours of post-production aging.

We proudly boast one of the most sophisticated R&D facilities in China.

Our commitment to both R&D and pre-shipment testing ensures that every product we ship will provide both a long and a bright lifetime, backed by our 5 year guarantee.

Some of our testing equipment is actually not found anywhere else other than in a university research setting.

Exclusive manufacturing partner.

Awaken is the exclusive distributor for one of the most renowned Chinese lighting companies, that produced China’s first bulb 85 years ago.

Awaken’s manufacturer partner has lit up the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, the Great Wall and more.

Their 85-year history of project based lighting for highways, retail stores, hotels, offices, restaurants, open areas, and more is wrapped into our every product.