Awaken LED Lighting - LumiGuard

About the LumiGuard

Designed with the customer in mind, the LumiGuard is more robust and easier to install than ever before. New features and options create the most versatile lighting system on the market today.

Lighting Protection


Tested by multiple lightning test laboratories, the LumiGuard has a surge suppression rating of 25kA. 

To put that into perspective a properly grounded tower should take approximately 55% of the lightning energy to ground through tower steel leaving 45% to be distributed among the rest of the cables on the tower.  An average lightning strike is 28kA, with a 200kA strike happening less than 1% of the time.  For a 200kA strike on a tower using an average of 4 cables on the tower, the flash head cable would receive 22.5kA. With the 25kA surge rating, the LumiGuard is built to withstand the most intense lightning strikes.

Data Connectivity

Monitoring Variety

The LumiGuard provides many options for monitoring, whether it is performed by your NOC or by Awaken. Connectivity options include cellular for both AT&T and Verizon with supplied monitoring devices as well as an Ethernet port. The LumiGuard also features Modbus and SNMP open protocols to support 3rd party monitoring. With the variety of connectivity options and monitoring protocols the LumiGuard can truly be customized to suit most monitoring needs. 

Standard Features / Benefits

• Combined single flashead & marker cable for power & communication
• LED by-pass circuitry
• IEC 61000-4-5 Surge Immunity to 25 kA
• Single enclosure for power, control & monitoring with no interlock switch
• Upgradeable firmware on-site Monitoring
• Dry Contacts (Day, Night, Marker, PEC, GPS,  Comm, Mode)
• Future Compatibility  - Future LED designs requires no controller modification for proper monitoring
• Radar Interference


• SMART card enables several options for monitoring and controlling the system remotely while providing full diagnostic information
• The following options are available with SMART installed:
Monitoring Options:

  1. Cellular (3G AT&T or Verizon)

  2. Ethernet

  3. SNMP, Modbus, or Eagle protocols

• Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity onsite for diagnostics and lighting inspections 
• GPS Synchronization 
• Upgradeable firmware - remote or onsite

New features and options

Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Now with LumiGuard, there is an Infrared (IR) option for better visibility to night vision goggles (NVG) and NVIS.  Our FTS 370 NVG compatible design combines Red (620nm) and IR (850nm) LEDs to ensure visibility to pilots in all circumstances.


Now standard on the LumiGuard is the ability to interface with a radar system through DC relay or Modbus.  Radar systems are being increasingly used to control the lighting of towers only when aircraft are approaching.

DC Power
The LumiGuard is now available with either a +24 or +48 VDC input option that will allow flexibility for off-grid installations.

Awaken LED Lighting - ATI311L

Power Consumption 

• 130w—White Day
• 20w—Red Night
• 55w—White Night Backup
• 6.8w—Per Marker

About the Ati311L

The ATI 311L is an FAA L865/L864 system that includes a white xenon strobe for day, a red LED light for night and (3) LED markers to create an FAA tower type E1 or E2 dual for structures  between 200’ and  500’ AGL.  


• Automatic fail safe to day mode and notification if system has not changed states in 19 hours
• Data available for compliance with QLI waiver
• TechEagle™ Diagnostics and Programming
• Separate flashheads for ease of maintenance
• ARM™ – Advanced Relay Monitoring – (7) dry contact data points
• NEMA 4X stainless Steel outdoor rated enclosure
• RS485 bus for plug and play install to Flash FTW Series Monitoring Systems
• (12) LED Indicators to convey operating status
• (2) Year warranty on all Xenon parts including strobe tube; (5) year warranty on LED Flashhead
• ATI 311 base unit can be configured to interface with existing red system
• TIA-222G certified for all mounting hardware