Airfield Lighting

Make your runaways so bright and clear, models might start doing fashion shows.


The next step in airfield lighting. Ultra low profile range of LEDs offer technology never before seen in the airfield lighting industry, including Dynamic Light Output (DLO). By actively monitoring the actual light output, all LumiAir’s are designed to maintain 100% of the required light output at all times. Over time, the active monitoring circuit continually compensates to achieve this level which guarantees an even light output across the airfield regardless of the age of the luminaire.

LumiAir 861

Elevated edge LED lighting.
  • Light Aluminium construction.
  • Variable riser height 14″ to 30″.
  • Smooth LED blue glass dome.
  • Brilliancy setting 100% down to 0.1%.
  • Universal frangible coupling.
  • Low watt LED source, 1W at 6.6Amps.
  • Long service life at a minimum of 60,000 hours.

LumiProach Precision Series

Patented LED optics achieve lowest power consumption, highest intensity, and sharpest red-white transition definition to provide critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot. Solar power kit ensures uninterrupted service. Proven reliability in worldwide use with nearly no maintenance. Permanent frangible or temporary mounting legs. Exceeds ICAO standards.

LumiProach 400 Series

Identifies acquisition of runway end and active runway Simple Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) system or CompleteOmni Directional Approach Lighting System (ODAL) for runwayalignment and runway threshold marking

Flashhead and power converter can be mounted together to form a single unit or separately to adapt to specific terrain needs.

LumiGuard / ATI 311L

Designed with the customer in mind, the LumiGuard is more robust and easier to install than ever before. New features and options create the most versatile lighting system on the market today.

The ATI 311L is an FAA L865/L864 system that includes a white xenon strobe for day, a red LED light for night and (3) LED markers to create an FAA tower type E1 or E2 dual for structures between 200’ and 500’ AGL.

LumiWay Signs

A well proven design has been developed further by Awaken to improve reliability and maintainability whilst helping to reduce overall life cycle energy costs.

The life expectancy of a LumiWay LED Sign typically exceeds 75,000 hours and, coupled with the multi-redundant LED configuration, will maintain compliant sign performance in the event of individual LED failure.