LumiWay LED Airfield Signs Awaken

About LumiWay Signs

The life expectancy of a LumiWay LED Sign typically exceeds 75,000 hours and, coupled with the multi-redundant LED configuration, will maintain compliant sign performance in the event of individual LED failure.

Awaken LED Lighting has a wealth of experience, providing quality airfield lighting products and services to airports around the world.
It is this experience of the global airport industry that has helped in the development of many Awaken products, including our variety of airfield signs.
It is this experience that allows Awaken to provide signs covering all airfield applications including:
• Mandatory and Information Signs
• Double-Sided Signs
• Stand Number Indicator Boards
• Illuminated Runway Distance Markers
• Rotary Hydraulic Arrestor Gear Markers
• All signs are available using the latest LED technology.

Following a principle of continuous development, the signs have progressed into market leading products that are operational at sites across the globe.

A well proven design has been developed further by Awaken to improve reliability & maintainability whilst helping to reduce overall life cycle energy costs.
All LumiWay Signs are supplied with LED technology as its primary light source, providing all LED customers with:
• a reduction in energy consumption
• a reduction in maintenance costs due to the increased typical life span of the light source
• an improvement in legibility of the sign during all visibility conditions

The life expectancy of a LumiWay LED Sign typically exceeds 75,000 hours and, coupled with the multi-redundant LED configuration, will maintain compliant sign performance in the event of individual LED failure. 

LumiWay signs are designed to operate over the current range from 2.8 – 6.6 Amp standard AGL circuit via a suitable series isolating transformer or, optionally, 230V mains supply signs can be either 50 or 60 Hz operation or alternatively from 24V with the ballast converting the 240V mains supply. Standard series circuit transformers can be used for 6 or 12 amp circuits. An external FAA style moulded plug is supplied as standard for connection to AGL circuits.


The main body of the LumiWay Sign cabinet is manufactured from corrosive resistant aluminium extrusion which is interlocked with cross members and side panels.

This creates a secure, sealed unit which is strong enough to deal with harshest airport environments around the world.
The fascia framework is also manufactured from corrosive resistant aluminium extrusions, painted black and lined with a neoprene rubber gasket to ensure all LumiWay Signs have a weatherproof seal of the complete unit to a rating of IP65.
The fascia is mounted and secured onto the front of the sign by the use of a quick release stainless steel clasps, which, coupled with the hinge mounting to the main casing, provides quick and easy access to the inside of the sign for maintenance staff. The whole sign fascia can easily be lifted free from the unit to provide full and unrestricted access to the sign if necessary, as part of an airports continuous maintenance program.
All LumiWay Sign fascias comprise of four layers. The main layer is opaque in colour and manufactured from UV stabilised 4mm polycarbonate, exceeding industry standards preventing it from shattering or cracking when hit by flying objects, i.e. stones or ice picked up in a jet blast wash. The remaining layers make up the colours and characters of the sign front, all covered in an anti-vandal, non glare translucent fascia.
The homogenous nature of the fascia is kept clear of any non compliant complications such as sign or fascia joints creating unwanted delineators in the sign front. It enables all LumiWay Signs to boast superior levels of ingress protection against the harshest of elements over the entire length of the sign.
Sizing of sign characters and the spacing is directed by the appropriate International standards; therefore, the length of individual signs is directly related to the display legend and are available in 14 different lengths.
The trifoot mounting is Awaken’s preferred method of mounting for LumiWay Signs. The trifoot can be secured to a concrete or black top surface with the poles inserted into the frangible coupling which is screwed directly into the trifoot mounting. Other ground mounting options are available upon further contact with Awaken.