Awaken’s manufacturing partner holds the first patent for LED linear tubes; boasting capacity of 450,000 LED tubes per month.

The company’s 150,000 sq. ft. facility can produce in excess of 450,000 tubes every month. With a mission to constantly be at the leading edge of technology, this factory offers LED linear tubes with the highest light output per watt available.

Unlike almost all other Chinese manufacturers of LED linear tubes, the majority of the raw materials used are imported into China; mainly from Japan, USA, Germany and Taiwan.

The company has major installations at superstores and supermarkets in Europe and Australia, including Carrefour, COOP, IKEA and WalMart. Their LED linear tubes are also installed in Europe at an international airport, a major metropolitan subway station and a major warehouse.

The company has LED linear tubes specifically designed for meat departments of supermarkets installed throughout Australia and Europe, specifically at two major supermarket chains.

Similar to Awaken, the company is engineering focused, with its inception based on an investment in ‘white’ LEDs (in 2002). Since then, like Awaken, the company has achieved a number of product ‘firsts’ in the market:

Each tube is produced with extensive quality control, such as automatic four-hour aging.

In addition to maximum lm/w efficacy and reliability, each Awaken LED linear tube offers ‘Nano Tube’ pricing for its PC+Aluminium LED linear tube with an L70 lifetime at least 50% longer than its nearest competitor. All this, combined with Awaken’s insurance backed, five or ten year product and labor warranty translates to quality, pricing and trouble-free ownership for many years to come.

Some Installations Include:

In partnership with Awaken, recently co-developed three unique, LED linear tubes:

1. The first LED linear tube specifically designed for meat, pork and poultry (same spectral distribution as 3000k fluorescent tube).

2. The first ballast compatible LED linear tube with ‘Ballast Offset Factor’ (eliminates up to 100% of the ballast’s wattage for additional energy savings).

3. The first ballast compatible LED linear tube with 0-10v dimming (takes advantage of daylight harvesting from windows and skylights).

Timeline of major innovations:

2006: Created the first LED linear tube
2009: The first UL certification for a LED linear tube
2012: One of the first Ballast Compatible LED linear tubes
2012: One of the first 130 lm/w LED linear tubes
2015: One of the first 160 lm/w LED linear tubes
2016: One of the first 175 lm/w LED linear tubes
2017: The first LED linear tube with 60º and 90º beam angles