Awaken combines its professional grade lighting with factory direct pricing to provide a win win to the end user.

Awaken began with LED lighting in 2007 by investing in a company developing ‘white’ LEDs. In 2008, Awaken partnered with a company pioneering LED tunnel lighting. And in 2010, Awaken teamed up with a New York company to design and market Wind/Solar streetlights.

As of 2011 Awaken has dedicated itself entirely to the LED retrofit market, combining the ingenuity of its North American design and development team with the prowess of Asian production to co-design and develop ‘Best in Class’ professional grade LED lighting.

In 2011, Awaken designed and launched its Qx7 LED Roadway and Area lamp, which was redesigned into the ultra-bright Qx8 in 2013, and even more powerful and efficient Qx8Ho in 2014 – which replaces any 1000w Metal Halide lamp with 297w and a lifetime of 290,000 hours. The Qx8 and Qx8Ho are produced exclusively for Awaken by one of Asia’s largest lighting companies, who designed and produced China’s very first light bulb 100 years ago.

In addition, Awaken has co-design, co-development, marketing and sales partnerships with other ‘Best In Class’ LED fixture manufacturers. Most notably, ‘Direct AC’ powered LED streetlights, linear tubes up to 95 CRI; parking garage lights with integrated microwave motion sensors; floodlights up to 110,000 lm; and more.

To date, through its distributors across North and South America, Awaken lighting is installed at Mederi hospital in Bogota, various South American municipalities, Boeing, Toyota, Chrysler, Florida A&M University, Bombardier Aerospace, Laurich Shopping Malls and the USS Missouri in Pearl harbor, to name a few. Each of these have been attracted to Awaken’s collaborative ‘partnership’ approach, proactive culture, and ‘can do’/’will do’ spirit.

Awaken combines its professional grade lighting with factory direct pricing to provide a win win to the end user. Awaken offers a complete cache of ancillary services, including comprehensive ROI and savings analysis, photometric light level studies, utility rebate counsel and analysis, cash flow positive financing, nationwide installation, third party product warranty that includes the cost of labor to de-install and re-install, and third party guarantee of predicted savings.

Awaken is a division of a 35 year old privately held company. Each member of the Awaken team is dedicated to positioning Awaken as a leader in the ever-evolving LED lighting industry.

We look forward to the opportunity of introducing you to Awaken.

The Power of eco Lighting.


10 years of constant ‘cutting-edge’ innovation.



One of the first tunnel lights.


The first wind/solar streetlight.


One of the first modular road/area lamps


One of the first PAR38 bulbs using a large cluster of mini-sized LEDs (COB) inside its base


The first roadway and area lamp with the equivalent output as a 1000w MH fixture.



The first 95/100 CRI linear tube, offering ‘sunlight’ quality color rendition accuracy.


One of the first direct AC streetlights, eliminating the need for a driver.


The first all-in ‘No Debt. No Risk. No Worries.’ program for any LED project.


The first ballast compatible tube with Ballast Factor Offset to minimize ballast wattage


The first LED that mimics the color spectrum rendering of fluorescent lighting.