Awaken strives to always stand out with ‘best in class’ LED products that leapfrog the market’s typical specifications.

Beware Of The LED You Compare To Awaken.

Awaken is dedicated to countering the notion that “the most prevalent problem (with LEDs) is with inflated and misleading equivalency claims by manufacturers.” – The U.S.A. Dept. 0f Energy

Awaken strives to meet or beat any recognized standard; any proposed, projected or unpublished standards as well as the typical specifications of product not yet regulated.

Awaken tracks and investigates all current research and trends of LED lighting. Awaken has participated in all major LED seminars, conferences and workshops (IES and DOE).

Awaken has analyzed and applied all relevant standards and certification requirements and performed detailed comparisons of all competitive product on the market.

Awaken visits and evaluates many LED lighting factories, to keep abreast of the competition, and to ensure its partner suppliers are up to date and continuously improving to be better than all others.

Awaken strives to stand out and apart by consistently offering the best quality LED light available – to leapfrog and out shine any otherwise comparable product – to offer environmentally friendly LED replacements of traditional light bulbs and fixtures – with equivalent or superior light color, color accuracy and brightness.

Exceptional R&D

Awaken’s R&D expertise is based on a vast experience in all three mission critical aspects of LED lighting required for a lamp to shine bright, efficiently and effectively – namely lens optics, drivers, electronics and thermal management.

We Design And Manufacture Every Lamp

Awaken’s North American team develops and innovates every LED light together with its exclusive LED manufacturer partner – who is one of the most progressive, proactive Asian lighting companies, with many ‘firsts’ in the LED lighting arena.

Our manufacturer partners rely on Awaken’s collaboration with its customers, proactive inventorship, and total ‘hands on’ approach – exclusively entrusting the North American market to Awaken for the design, development and distribution of their every product.

Our customers benefit from Awaken’s consultative selling and proactive ‘partnership’ approach; 85 year history of project based lighting engineering; leading edge LED technology – and appreciate the uniqueness of every ‘Awakened’ product.

By concentrating on ‘best in class’ LED technology and design, backed by a commitment to R&D and Quality Control – Awaken helps reduce energy costs and minimize landfill with fewer lamp replacements and – all without any sacrifice to the actual light.