A one-stop shop partner who is flexible and poised to support your constantly evolving needs – whatever they are. 

You’ll Have Peace Of Mind

Our logistics partner has been in business for decades. They are praised by carriers and customers every day for our honesty and ethical business practices. Their reputation speaks for itself in an industry where it can be hard to find a broker you can trust. With so much at stake – you can rest assured that we are working with the best in the business.

An Extension Of Your Team

Whether it’s an expedited air shipment, or multiple containers going halfway across the world, their knowledge and expertise simplify our international freight shipping process. As our trusted logistics services provider, through their limited agency relationships with other service providers, including licensed ocean freight forwarders and non-vessel operating common carriers, they arrange all of Awaken’s ground, air, or ocean transportation of your freight.

24/7 Communication

Awaken offers you a constant flow of information from origin to destination, including communications on your behalf with customs clearance, brokerage checkpoints, and the motor carrier. Every carrier we select has tracking/tracing methods in place, and many supply satellite access. Our freight won’t “vanish” once it crosses the border, which is a common problem with other providers. We keep full visibility throughout the process.

Our Risk Is Reduced

The freight shippers we use are checked by our provider’s system on a daily basis for compliance. You can feel confident that we won’t put your freight in the hands of a non-compliant carrier. Their passion and commitment is to provide reliable transportation, to ship our freight safely.

We Count On Fair Pricing

Our logistics partner arranges thousands of shipments every year. They have many international offices. They have their finger on the pulse of the industry and know which carriers to rely on for whatever we require. They know what the going rates are for freight shipping, and keep themselves educated about the fair market value. They have the expertise and the volume to keep pricing affordable and fair no matter where our shipment is headed.

White Glove

Our logistics partner takes the burden off our shoulders. They treat all our shipments like precious cargo and exceed our expectations like we have a million times before – so we can go back to focusing on your business. Top-notch protective care from pickup to delivery. You can rely on our trustworthy, knowledgeable logistics partner to provide our freight with the specialized care it requires.