Awaken’s Insurance Backed Warranty covers all labor, repairs, replacements & rentals – backed by a global underwriter.

Dealing with warranty issues couldn’t be easier:

Dealing with warranty issues couldnt be easier step by step guide

All Repair And Replacement Costs Are Covered

Eligible claims cover all in-house and third party labor charges and equipment rental costs (if any); as well as the replacement cost of the LED lamp, including overnight courier. Reimbursement amounts should be chosen to cover all eligible costs, to ensure immediate resolution of the incident.

Choose Any Reimbursement Value

A flat rate reimbursement amount is preset, in advance, to cover  the cost of de-installation and re-installation labor and/or the LED fixture, which is reimbursed for every repair or replacement of the LED lamp during the five or ten year term.

Unlimited Eligible Incidents

There is no limit to the number of eligible incidents per LED lamp during the five or ten year term, to ensure trouble-free, risk-free operation. As a result, the burden of maintaining serial numbers on the covered LED lamps is completely eliminated.

No More Need For A Factory Warranty

The Insured Product and Labor Warranty eliminates the need for a  any factory warranty after thirty days, as coverage begins one month  after substantial completion of the installation. Furthermore, factory  approval is not required to effect any repair or replacement.

This Product And Labor Warranty Is Insured

This warranty is backed by an insurance policy that is underwritten by a global underwriter, to insure immediate payment of the preset reimbursement amount for any and all eligible repairs or replacements of any defective LED lamp during the term. This policy guarantees reimbursement for every eligible claim during the term.

Conditions For Validity

Any claim requires i) Awaken is immediately informed of any incident,  ii) the LED fixture has not been altered or modified in any way, iii) the LED fixture was installed by a qualified electrician and iv) the LED fixture was used in accordance with the instructions provided.

Awaken Administers All Claims

Awaken shall verify and file claims, collect reimbursements and authorize RMAs for LED lighting and work orders for labor charges. Failing which, a third party professional Warranty Provider, with many years of nationwide success automatically steps in to serve.

24/7 Concierge Service

Concierge Service is available, where all repairs and maintenance will be provided to ensure immediate resolution of any issue without any lost time or inconvenience to your organization. This concierge service is always a phone call away, 24/7.