Awaken oversees the day-to-day status of every lamp, through installation and warranty, with an online tracking portal.

Oversight Of Installers

Awaken’s Oversight Portal provides oversight af the entire installation process, for every lamp, in every fixture, in every department, in every location.

Through our proprietary Oversight Portal, you always have immediate access to the latest information about your installations – from the moment the order is placed, through to installation.

This allows you to make adjustments live with your installers, to meet your important, immediate needs, on a transparent, proactive basis – o any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Secure 24/7 Access

Our Oversight Portal gives you secure access to all service-related data, 24-7. Just log on to the password-protected space on our website to conveniently access the status and schedule for the delivery and installation of every lamp in every location.

In addition, the Oversight Portal includes the status and schedule for all warranty claims submitted from any location.

Finally, photos of every shipment and every installation are easily accessed on the Portal. Most important, we make sure that you, and only you, can access your data.

Stay On Scheduled

Cloud based centralised detailed information as well as Oversight Statistics enable you to keep every location’s installation on track – whether you’re on-site or in the office.

Stay On Budget

Compare the estimated expenditure for both product and installation against budget and integrate with any spreadsheet for seamless syncing of your project finances with your business accounts

Installation Management Software

Awaken’s Oversight Portal has been purpose-built for installation and warranty management, allowing you to connect teams digitally on-site and off-site, stay on schedule with ease.

Mobile Project Management

Access all the information you need, with real time updates from any lamp, fixture or location. Manage your installation team, monitor progress.

Your team can collaborate, complete tasks, upload photos, log KPIs and report issues straight from their phone or tablet.