Awaken LED Lighting - LumiProach 400 Series

About the LumiProach 400 Series

• Identifies acquisition of runway end and active runway
• Simple Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) system or Complete Omni Directional Approach Lighting System (ODAL) for runway alignment and runway threshold marking
• Flashhead and power converter can be mounted together to form a single unit or separately to adapt to specific terrain needs
• Longer flashtube life due to low voltage (±500VDC) required for operation
• Can be set for single step or three step intensity
• Modular design for easy maintenance
• Compatible with air-to-ground radio controllers and ground-to-ground remote systems

Certification/Conformance: FAA Advisory Circular AC 0/5345-51, FAA Type L-849 Style B and F, L-859 Style F, ICAO Annex 14, Transport Canada K312