Awaken LED Lighting - LumiAir Airfield Lighting

About the LumiAir:

Introducing the world’s most advanced LED AGL.
By starting with a “blank piece of paper” and using our years of experience in the air Field lighting industry, we focused on the key aspects of airport operational life and I have designed a lighting solution which offers our customers a mix of considered design and engineering excellence.

LumiAir is Awaken’s latest development, designed as the “next step in the airfield lighting”. The ultra low profile LumiAir range of LED luminaires offers technology never before seen in the air Field lending industry, including the introduction of dynamic light output (DLO). By actively monitoring the actual light output of the luminaire, all fittings are designed to maintain 100% of the required light output at all times. As a system ages, the active monitoring circuit continually compensates to achieve this level which guarantees and even light output across the airfield regardless of the age of the fitting.

The goal of the LumiAir range is to enhance the efficiency of air Field by optimizing power consumption, increasing reliability and reducing costs to the airport.



• Self contained electronics package.
• Monitor – Presents an open circuit on the AGL power input when the light output falls to 50% or when more than 25% of the LEDs have failed.
• Manufactured with 80% recycled material.
• RoHS compliant.
• <6mm profile above grade (surface)
• Compatible with classical AGL circuits
• Design for recycling
• DLO – dynamic light output technology
• Extreme life expectancy >75,000 hours
• Interchangeable LED arrays
• Energy cost savings
• Minimal parts
• Multi–use universal fittings
• No negative slope
• Overall design life 15-20 years


LumiAir - LED Centre Line Fitting 3

LumiAir - LED Centre Line Fitting 4

Dynamic Light Output (D.L.O):

• Removes any LED binning issues with supplier.
• Protects the ability to supply spares in the future.
• Manage temperature changes effect on the operation of LED.
• Manages LED’s degradation over time.
• Monitored photometric performance.
• Even illumination across the airfield.
• Greater energy efficiency.
• State-of-the-art microprocessor-based switched-mode power supply technology resulting in efficient conversion of input power to light output.
• Active power factor correction (>0.95) is employed so that the ground transformer secondary load is effectively purely resistive.
• Figure shows the relationship of the A.C. supply voltage (yellow trace) and current (blue trace).
• Open-circuit functionality is incorporated so that fittings work with existing PLC systems.

LumiAir - LED Centre Line Fitting

Looking Inside:

LumiAir - Looking Inside

Optical Light Engine Assembly

Optical Light Engine Assembly

The LumiAir range has been developed to utilize an optical cartridge. The aluminum alloy prison housing allows for a quicker, easier and safer changeover during routine maintenance procedures and providing direct access to the plug and play LED light engine. The unit is the same size across the entire LumiAir inset range, providing the airport with a adaptability to use the same stock of cartridges for a variety of different applications. This commonality will also allow the airports to reduce their stock holdings of spare parts, helping to reduce both the cost and space requirements in order to store the necessary spare parts.

As well as helping to speed up maintenance procedures, the LumiAir optical cartridge has also been designed to reduce the potential risk of water ingress to the luminaire. When under load from an aircraft or other airfield vehicles the gasket around the pre-sealed cartridges compressed to maintain the integrity of the fitting.