About the FloLED Meat Tubes

Any item under this light will appear virtually the same as under fluorescent light.

Components designed for 24/7 operation.

UL certified Current Leakage Protection to eliminate risk of electric shock during installation.

2kV surge protection and complete dirty power noise protection.

Smooth, ‘fluorescent-like’, even light distribution.

Awaken LED Lighting - FloLED FLD Meat Tube.jpg

The ‘Best Butcher Light’

Awaken’s FloLEDs are the only LEDs that mimic the color rendering that fluorescent lighting emits while producing a high CRI and CQS. With and without thick polyethylene, all types of meat and fish, including pork loins and ribs, look significantly better and match the color preference points that customers and retailers alike want to see.

Pork Retains The Familiar ‘Fluorescent’ Look

We paid particular attention to the effect that thick polyethylene packaging has on the absorption of light. This causes today’s LEDs to show pork as more blue and purple inside the packaging than out. Awaken’s proprietary phosphor produces light that can uniquely penetrate the modified air and thick polyethylene typically used to package pork products, thereby removing these unwanted colors.

Mimics The Spectral Light Effect Of Fluorescent

In order to mimic the spectral lighting effect of a fluorescent tube with LEDs, in addition to CRI (which only considers eight color points), Awaken measured and tested many other color quality aspects, including: reflection samples, saturation, CCT, observer preferences, etc., to develop the FloLED LED.

How Awaken Accomplished This

To match the RGB ratios, we use a unique, proprietary specialized phosphor and customized dye. This uniquely enables us to match the color spectrum of fluorescent, and greatly increase the CRI, for a more natural looking product, without over-saturating unnatural colors.

Awaken Measures With CQS – Superior to CRI

To ensure the best possible color rendition, Awaken uses the Color Quality Scale (CQS), which features an extended range of more saturated colors typical to meat, rather than the pastel palette of CRI.

No Rewiring Required When Ballast Removed

Choose Powered One Side or Both Sides to eliminate tombstone rewiring when the ballast is removed; for shunted and unshunted fixtures. When one end is attached to power, power isn’t sent to the other end until it is inserted. This eliminates the risk of electric shock.

Reliable 24/7 Operation

Every component is designed for 24/7 operation, including a non isolated internal driver with 2kV, and dirty power noise protection.