About the Flx Parking Light

Ideal For Any Parking Lot

This lamp is a direct replacement for any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp, in any parking lot. The fixture is available with  60w - 300w @ 142 lm/w.

Best In Class Optics

The engineered optics ensure ‘clean’, even illumination without any  hot spots or glare. This uniform light distribution provides a very safe  environment, as it eliminates shadows, and emulates daylight. The  beam patterns maximize pole spacing and negates dark spots.

Extra Long Lifetime

The lamp is specially designed to run the LEDs at a cool temperature, and dissipate the heat well, with extra efficient thermal  management. The result is an L70 lifetime beyond 50,000 hours (the time it takes to use 70% of the light, and 30% remains). 

Awaken LED Lighting - Flx Parking and Roadway Light.png

Designed To Stay Clean

The exterior design prevents dirt and dust accumulation, and washes away  easily with rain. Its multiple air pressurizing vents ensures no water build up. The tempered glass protects LEDs, while the die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel screws ensure rust resistance.