Gxi LED Corn Cob

About the Gxi Corn Cob Light

LEDs located 360° on the circumference and on the upper flat surface.
Nickel coated copper tip ensures maximum current flow to the lamp.
Unique aluminum heat radiation design keeps LEDs cooler, for long life.
High brightness, low power LED chip.
In the unlikely event of driver failure, driver can be easily removed and replaced.
Direct current drive eliminates strobing.
No annoying glare.
Unique draining design effectively removes moisture.
LEDs maintain CCT over time.

Ideal for post top lanterns, recessed high hat fixtures, high bay lamps, etc.
Installation in sealed fixtures that trap all heat will reduce LED life.
12w replaces 50w CFL, 40w MH 
16w replaces 70w CFL, 50w MH 
20w replaces 90w CFL, 65w MH
24w replaces 100w CFL, 80w MH
27w replaces 100w CFL, 70w MH 
36w replaces 150w CFL, 100w MH 
45w replaces 170w CFL, 150w MH 
54w replaces 200w CFL, 170w MH