About the Hlc Wallpack

Ideal For Any Building  

This lamp is a direct replacement for any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp, currently mounted on any wall. The fixture is available with 30w, 50w, 70w, 80w and 100w @ 125 lm/w, to replace any existing MH or HPS wall pack.     

Best In Class Optics  

The engineered 120 degree optics provides an even illumination  beam pattern, without any hot spots or glare, to provides a safe environment, eliminating shadows and emulating daylight. Its full cut-off light distribution ensures no upward light.

Installation Is Easy  

The fixture allows for easy installation, with an adjustable tilt angle of  0º, 5º, 10 º and 15º to direct its light beam as required. Its lightweight, thin design minimizes wind loads.

Awaken LED Lighting - Hlc WallPack.png

Excellent Lifetime  

The lamp is specially designed to run the LEDs at a cool temperature, and dissipate the heat well, with extra efficient thermal management. The result is an L70 lifetime beyond 50,000 hours (the time it takes to use 70% of the light, and 30% remains).     

Designed To Stay Clean  

The exterior design prevents dirt and dust accumulation, and washes  away easily with rain. The rust and corrosion proof design features a  heavy-duty die-cast aluminum one piece housing, a polyester powder  coat and stainless steel screws.