About the Hxi Garage Light

Ideal for indoor garages, warehouses, canopies, staircases, etc.
Sealed with silicon rubber gasket to protect against dirt and bugs.
Anti-UV, shatterproof polycarbonate cover.
Unique lightweight, yet highly efficient heatsink reduces the weight of the whole fixture.
High thermal conductive material.
High efficient reflector and diffuser.
Unique optics for even, non-glare light distribution and ‘soft’, easy on the eyes light, without double shadows.
CCT available from warm to cool white (2700k-7000k).
Rust and corrosion proof fixture.
One piece housing, constructed of heavy duty, high pressure die-cast aluminum.
Anti-static polyester powder paint.
UV stabilized plastic lens.


Awaken The Power Of Eco Lighting

Awaken’s professional grade Hxi Garage Light will reduce energy costs by up 
to 80%, last 300,000 hours, or 37years at 12 hours a day, and provide ultra
bright, high contrast, color accurate light. The results are dramatic, offering...

• More inviting to passerby with an ultra bright look that ‘stands out’
• More neighborhood friendly with non-glare, ‘dark sky’ light
• More pedestrian friendly with a blanket of uniform light
• More profitable with a typical 80% lower cost of operation                             
• More secure with bright, color accurate light, ideal for CCT  
• More competitive with a lower operating cost

Increase Operational Budget

Awaken LED parking lot and garage lights have L70 lifetimes of 60,000 to 165,000 hours, or 13 to 37 years. The L70 lifetime is the point in time at which 70% of the initial light output (lumens) remain. A traditional light looses 30% of its initial light output in only 6-12 months.
The true cost of every lamp is the cost of replacement bulbs, the labor expense and time needed to replace them. In addition, there will no longer be any ‘old’ lamps to recycle.  
In addition to this Awaken uniquely offers cash flow positive financing from day one!

Brighter, Cleaner, Uniform Light

Improve safety for people and their vehicles.
Night vision from security cameras is increased with LED light. 
LEDs are brighter than than traditional lighting.
LEDs don’t have hotspots 
Awaken parking lot and garage lights are designed to meet Illuminating Engineering Society specifications for safe light levels at every part of the lot and garage.

Save The Environment

Awaken LEDs do not contain mercury - reducing C02 emissions.
LEDs do not emit harmful UV radiation.
Awaken LEDs are DarkSky compliant - reducing light pollution.