About the Lumi1 Roadway Light

The Lumi1 solar roadway light harnesses the energy from the sun. Alongside its high efficiency solar panels, LED’s, and Lithium battery, it features a micro-controller, and a human infrared sensor within an integrated design to achieve multiple advantages such as low power consumption with high brightness (5W average equals to 100W incandescent light), long lifespan, excellent thermal dissipation and is weatherproof and maintenance free.


  • Patent pending integrated design.

  • Solar powered outdoor lighting.

  • Easy installation. No cables needed.

  • Highly efficient lithium battery prolongs lifetime and protects the environment.

  • Safe and reliabile.

  • Light output can be adjusted automatically by a built-in infrared sensor.

  • Modularity design. Easy assembly and maintenance.

  • Compact volume and light weight design saves freight and installation costs. Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof.

  • Two year warranty.