About the Lumi4 Solar Roadway Light

Awaken capitalises on the most technically advanced LED lighting technologies that work seamlessly and systematically with Awaken’s latest LED driver and power management system.

Our newly developed luminare uses the latest LED
technology from OSRAM that is highly efficient and
powerful enough to meet the most demanding
requirements while offering superior illumination, idea for all pedestrian pathway lighting applications.

Built specifically to easily adapt to a range of applications. The Lumi4 series is the world’s most advanced and intelligent LED solar lighting system. Its clever design and attractive, robust construction incorporates the latest solar power technology, providing many years of outstanding performance and operational reliability.

An important benefit of the Lumi4 series is its ability to ensure consistent light output even when the batteries are approaching their minimum level.

Awaken’s power management system continuously monitors and automatically regulates the light output taking into account changed battery conditions. For instance, if battery levels decrease to 30% of capacity, the light output can be programmed to dim to a lesser wattage or to only operate when the ‘Smart eye’ detects nearby motion.

The Lumi4 has been designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme environments – from blistering heat to rain, hail, and sub-zero temperatures.

Awaken’s rugged construction is up to the challenge. Its internal components off IP65 weather protection and its external metallic components are built with marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel fixings and supports.

The Lumi4 series is also restant to shock and vibration. The external security bolt fixings that attach the system’s components to the column are not only extemely durable, but tamper and theft proof (a unique tool is needed to remove the fixings).