Planet Awaken LED - High Bay Light.png

Reliable 24/7 Operation

Every component has been designed for 24/7 operation, including an internal driver specially developed to give this fixture maximum reliability and some unique abilities including complete dirty power noise protection, and 2kV surge protection.

Choose Powered One Side or Both Sides

Choose Powered Both Sides to eliminate tombstone rewiring when the ballast is removed, or Powered One Side, for easy installation into any shunted or unshunted fixture. 

Protection From Electric Shock

The driver senses when only one end is attached to power, and doesn’t send power to the opposing end until it is connected to power. This prevents socket to lamp pin electrical arcing so the tube is AC Line voltage friendly (works with direct input voltage 100V to 277V).

Optional Passive Infrared

100% Digital PIR (Passive Infrared) Detection with on/off function, with
adjustable sensitivity of PIR Detector from 30% to 100%. Excellent Radio Frequency Immunity, with up to 30 ft mounting height. 15-20 ft, 360º Radial Coverage Pattern covers up to 450 sq.ft., with adjustable time delay from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. 

Save 20% More EVERY YEAR Compared To Other Tubes 

Our 160 lm/w tubes use 20% less energy than others. Our 10w, 160 lm/w LED tube emits 1600lm. Others only offer 130 lm/w, and require 12w to emit 1,560lm. At 18 hrs./day and $0.10/kWh, for every 100 tubes, Awaken will increase energy savings by $130.

50% Longer Lifetime Than Other LED Tubes

Unlike typical LED tubes with a 50,000 hour ‘L70’ lifetime. Awaken  LED tubes have a L70 of 75,000 hours. This extends their lifetime a  further five years beyond other LED tubes, based on 15 hours of use  daily, providing additional savings and cash flow benefits.

Dimming Available For Daylight Harvesting

Optional 0-10v dimming is available to reduce light levels and power consumption when ample ambient lighting is available from either windows or skylights. Dimming a 10w tube by 25% for four hours  every day would significantly increase savings by $3.50 every year, and extend the  lifetime, at 15 hrs. daily use and $0.10/kWh.