About the Lxh Hybrid Tubes

Our best value hybrid tube.

Available with 130 lm/w, 160 lm/w, and 175 lm/w.

Can be used with or without the ballast.

Direct AC tube works with both single and double ended wiring. Eliminate tombstone rewiring when ballast is removed.

Frequent on/off switching does not affect lifetime – instant ON operation.


No Rewiring Required When Ballast Removed

Choose Powered One Side or Both Sides to eliminate tombstone rewiring when the ballast is removed; for shunted and unshunted fixtures. When one end is attached to power, power isn’t sent to the other end until it is inserted. This eliminates the risk of electric shock.

Save 20% More EVERY YEAR Compared To Other Tubes 

Our 160 lm/w tubes use 20% less energy than others. Our 10w, 160 lm/w LED tube emits 1600lm. Others only offer 130 lm/w, and require 12w to emit 1,560lm. At 18 hrs./day and $0.10/kWh, for every 100 tubes, Awaken will increase energy savings by $130.

Dimming Available For Daylight Harvesting

Optional 0-10v dimming is available to reduce light levels and power  consumption when ample ambient lighting is available from either  windows or skylights. Dimming a 10w tube by 25% for four hours  every day would significantly increase savings by $3.50 every year,  and extend the lifetime, at 15 hrs. daily use and $0.10/kWh.

Low Profile End Cap

A low profile end cap gives the tube a slimmer, and sleeker appearance which makes replacements quicker and easier due to the reduced bulk around the pins.