Awaken LED Lighting - Floodlights on CAT - Mining
Awaken LED Lighting - Mining Applications

Vibration Proof Extended Life

Compared with other types of lighting whose lifetimes fall well below their stated amounts, LEDs contain no filaments or gasses and have a much greater resilience to high levels of vibration ensuring that they reach their estimated lifespan. Each Awaken light is subject to vibration tests and have gone through and passed extensive third party testing including shock, vibration, and dust proof testing. 


Environmentally friendly

LEDs contain no harmful chemicals, and don’t require any special recycling.
The low wattage, high lifetime characteristics of LEDs ensure they will use significantly less fuel and electricity.
LEDs directional light means that they are dark sky friendly.
Less use of fuels and harmful chemicals means reductions in environmental fines, and the potential for government rebates (depending on particular state).