About the TrueColor High CRI Tube

Components designed for 24/7 operation.

Direct AC tube works with both single and double ended wiring.

Eliminate tombstone rewiring when ballast is removed.

UL certified Current Leakage Protection to eliminate risk of electric shock during installation.

Extra long life due to low operating temperature of all components and best quality capacitor.

2kV surge protection and complete dirty power noise protection.

TrueColor Produce & Meat Tube

Typical LEDs Don’t Make Produce Natural Light

LED’s typical CRI of 80 doesn’t display the full color spectrum necessary for natural looking light – leading to unappealing over-saturated blues, and a multitude undersaturated colors. 

For maximum color rendition beyond CRI (which only considers eight colors), Awaken tested many other color quality aspects, including: reflection samples, saturation, CCT, observer preferences, etc.

Furthermore, TrueColor was tested using the Color Quality Scale (CQS), which uses 15 saturated colors typical of meat and produce, rather than the 8-9 point CRI pastel palette. We are very proud that our TrueColorTM tubes score between 98-99 on each of these points!

TrueColor Makes Everything Look Its Best

Studies indicate that people tend to remember colors as being more saturated than they appear, and the color they prefer is actually an even more saturated and enhanced version of their memory.

Awaken also studied people’s memory and preference color points for meat, produce, and a wide variety of items, including the reflection spectra and the specific light spectrum that matched the preferred colors.

TrueColor Is The Solution For Produce & Meat

TrueColor displays produce and meat at the high saturation levels preferred by customers for a more desirable look, increased sales and decreased waste.

Fruits and vegetables look significantly better and more natural. Beef, poultry, fish and pork including loins and ribs (even with thick polyethylene) look much better, without unwanted blues or purples.

No Rewiring Required When Ballast Removed

Choose Powered One Side or Both Sides to eliminate tombstone rewiring when the ballast is removed; for shunted and unshunted fixtures. When one end is attached to power, power isn’t sent to the other end until it is inserted. This eliminates the risk of electric shock.

Reliable 24/7 Operation

Every component has been designed for 24/7 operation, including a non isolated internal internal driver, specially developed to give this lamp maximum reliability and some unique abilities including complete dirty power noise protection, and 2kV surge protection.