Hxi Wallpack

Full cut-off light distribution ensures no upward light.
High wattage version is tiltable. 
Direct replacement for HID Wallpack.
Rust and corrosion proof, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum one piece housing, with a polyester powder coat. 

Lxi WallPack

High efficiency reflector and diffuser.
Removable shield for maintenance.
‘Soft’ easy on the eyes, non-glare light, with no double shadow.
Dimmable driver from 1%- 30%. 
The 90W fixture can be adjusted to 75W which results in a only 5% lumen loss!

Awaken LED Lighting - Hlc WallPack.png

Hlc WallPack

This lamp is a direct replacement for any high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp, currently mounted on any wall. The fixture is available with 30w, 50w, 70w, 80w and 100w @ 125 lm/w, to replace any existing MH or HPS wall pack.